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We see a lot of children and families here at Wigginton Dental Practice. We encourage parents to bring their children to the practice from birth!

In the early few years, the focus with children is on –

Most of our children are treated under our NHS contract but others opt to join our special Denplan for Children scheme. Prices start from about £6 per month. The scheme works in the same way as the adult plan but has enhanced insurance.
Find out what's included on the Denplan web site.

We are also able to provide advice about:

Orthodontic treatment

We monitor the development of adult teeth and advise about the need for orthodontic treatment (the straightening of teeth using braces).
Where necessary, we refer to our orthodontic colleagues, with whom we work closely.

Tips for caring for children's teeth

In the early few years, the focus with children is on:



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